Site Improvement Plan

Strategic Direction #1: Improving teaching and personalized learning for the development of each learner.

 How will we   measure?  Raise the number of students meeting state   standards in Reading and Math by 2-6   percentage points.
 What are we   doing?
  • Implement Reading Curriculum (Being a Reader K-2, Units of Study 3-5).
  • Implement instructional best practices integrating Math Expressions with consistency and fidelity.
  • Provide best fit interventions to support academic growth and progress monitor to make adjustments when needed
 What will   you notice?
  •  Increased confidence, proficiency and building-wide student achievement.
  • Higher scores in the MCA from 21-22 to 22-23


Strategic Direction #2: Fostering a safe, welcoming, and inclusive environment

 How will we   measure?  Monitor progress of students' social, academic   and emotional needs and how students, staff,   and families feel about their Jonathan   Elementary experience.
 What are   we doing?
  • Ensuring a Morning Meeting experience to support the social, academic and emotional needs of students as well as building classroom community.
  • All staff will also have experiences with social and emotional development.
 What will   you notice?
  • All stakeholders feel seen, heard, valued, and trusted.
  • Students experience staff that know them individually and support their unique gifts and talents.