Pete Morse
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Welcome to Jonathan Elementary! As you walk in our front doors you may think you are walking into a traditional brick elementary school. What you will find once inside is a unique and caring community that is committed to seeing every student be successful academically, as well as socially and emotionally. We know that for students to be successful they need to be in a community that accepts them, loves them, and commits time, and provides resources to make sure they show up authentically in a school where they know they belong.

At Jonathan Elementary, every staff member is committed to your student’s success. From our custodians cleaning the building with pride so it is a perfect learning environment, to our nutrition services sharing their great smiles as they serve nutritious food. Our teachers and paraprofessional team are committed to providing an education tailored to your students needs, and the administration team and school counselor lead with a mindset to empower your student to reach their absolute best!

Carrie Hernandez
Administrative Dean
Rachel Henning
Rachel Henning
Instructional Coach
Stacy Busch
School Counselor