Online schedule for your child’s Connect & Assess meeting opens August 7th.

Your child’s teacher is looking forward to meeting you and your child during a Connect & Assess meeting on August 27 or 28. You can schedule appointment(s) for your child(ren) using an online scheduling system beginning on Wed., August 7.

  1. On August 6: Parents/guardians can log into Campus Portal to find the name of your child’s teacher. If enrollment changes significantly, students may be reassigned in order to keep balance across a grade level.
  2. Beginning August 7: Parents/guardians can use our special online app called MyConferenceTime to schedule the Connect & Assess meetings. You can make appointments with teachers for each of your children who attend our school using this link: My Conference Time. See video links below on how to schedule appointments using My Conference Time.
  3. For more information about Connect & Assess go to: Connect & Assess.

HOW TO VIDEOS: The following brief videos explain how to use the MyConferenceTime app:

How to schedule for one child in our school:

How to schedule multiple children our school:

These Connect & Assess meetings will replace our regular “back-to-school night” activity, but families can drop off school supplies, pay for lunch, and complete or return school forms during this visit. Daytime and limited evening appointments are available.