MyStop gives parents and students access to live bus GPS info

MyStop is a web-based application available to all Eastern Carver County Schools parents and students that lets them access live bus GPS information. Using a smartphone, tablet or desktop computer, parents and students can view the current location of buses on routes and the estimated time of arrival at their neighborhood bus stops. This simple and informative tool gives parents, guardians and students the ability to know approximately where the school bus is on its route. MyStop displays the school bus’s approximate location on a map, as well as the estimated time of arrival (ETA) to a specific student’s bus stop. The school bus’s location is automatically updated every few minutes, and the ETA is recalculated to accommodate any delays due to traffic while the bus is en route. Please note: does not work for after-school activity routes since there are no students assigned to them and no set stops. Learn more about MyStop and how to download the app on the district’s Transportation... Continue reading MyStop gives parents and students access to live bus GPS info

K-1 Assessments, September 4-5th

The school year is coming up and this is a reminder that you and your Kindergarten/1st grade student will schedule a one-hour assessment conference with your child’s teacher on Sept. 4th or 5th. The first day of school for Kindergarten and First grade is Thursday, September 6. Look for information, including the online sign-up, in the back-to-school communication. The outcome of the assessments help the teacher understand the unique learning needs of your student. Our district’s focus is on personalized learning and an assessment at the start of the year identifies what students don’t know yet, which helps teachers know where to begin. A portion of the conference is set aside for a conversation with you and anything you want to share about your student. We have an online sign up tool for scheduling assessment conferences. Be sure to click on the name of your student’s teacher (found on portal) to view their available times: Kindergarten Assessment Signup First Grade Assessment... Continue reading K-1 Assessments, September 4-5th

Back to School Night, August 29th, 4-5:30 pm

During the Back to School Night, students along with their parents/guardians are invited to visit their classrooms, drop off school supplies, and tour the school. There will also be an opportunity to pay for school lunches. A map with further information will be available with you arrive. This is an informal come and go event. Hope to see you there! Student Health Information 2018-19 Bus Ridership Agreement Back to School... Continue reading Back to School Night, August 29th, 4-5:30 pm