Recognize an outstanding teacher in our district

Recognize an outstanding teacher in our district! The District 112 Foundation Excellence in Education Awards Program (formerly Teacher of the Year) celebrates innovative teachers and educators in pursuit of the best possible public education for our students. Each year, we recognize these professionals by awarding them grants to support continued innovation in the classroom.  Help recognize these special individuals by sharing your nomination by March 25 for this year’s Excellence in Education Award. Learn More... Continue reading Recognize an outstanding teacher in our district

Lockdown Letter

March 14, 2018 Dear Parents/Guardians: Jonathan Elementary students will be learning about “lockdown with options” and on Friday, March 16th, we will run a drill. We want you to be aware that we have improved procedures that staff and students must follow if an intruder enters the school. “Lockdown with options” gives staff and students the following choices in a lockdown, depending on the situation: hide, run and counter. We have been practicing “hide in place” lockdown drills for many years. Now, multiple law enforcement and safety agencies recommend a more proactive approach. With our new procedures, classrooms are to run from the school if there is an intruder and it is safe to run. They should hide if it is not safe to run, and the last option is to counter. Whether students help counter an intruder depends on their age and ability. Counter is only for an unavoidable confrontation. The purpose is to distract, subdue or incapacitate the intruder. Every situation is different. We... Continue reading Lockdown Letter